History - 2006

March 11, 2006
    TV performance. EnKor performed on Saturday evening prime time on the popular program "Showtime ma'Aceline". Two pieces of the repertoire were sung - EnKor's original King of Kings and also Amen. Typical gospel, typical EnKor.


April 8, 2006
    Mass at the Good Shepherd Convent, Balzan. EnKor sang a classical repertoire during the mass commemorating the silver wedding anniversary of its flautist Patrick Mallia and his wife Mary. Besides classical repertoire, EnKor's original Ave Maria was also sung. Romina Borg Tabone played the violin together with EnKor for the first time.


April 15, 2006
    TV performance. Again EnKor could be seen and heard on "Showtime ma' Aceline". This time it was Easter Saturday. EnKor's original Ave Maria was performed. Like last time, the recording was live.


April 16, 2006
    Easter mass. EnKor sang during the Easter mass at the Mother of Good Counsel Church (Millennium Chapel), Paceville. There was a beautiful warm atmosphere. People started applauding several times during mass, this applauding started already after the opening hymn.


May 12, 2006
    Gospel mass. At the parish church of Balzan, EnKor performed together with its complete band. Singing, swinging, clapping, dancing ... The audience participated; the mass became an enthusiastic joyful celebration.

May 14, 2006
    Classical mass. At St. Dominic's Church Rabat, EnKor performed once again in the same weekend, this time singing classical repertoire. The beautiful pieces sung with so much dedication contributed to a very special and solemn atmosphere.


June 24, 2006
    Classical mass, launching the new robes. At the Mdina Cathedral, EnKor sang a classical mass. This performance was very special in more ways than one. The EnKor singers were very pleased to wear for the first time their colourful choir robes, so well designed and professionally tailor-made by Vanda Fsadni. EnKor in front of the main altar of the Mdina Cathedral The sounds of the voices, the instruments and the magnificent church organ blended heavenly. Many enthusiastic responses were passed on to the EnKoristers.


July 11, 2006
    Summer concert at the Independence Garden, Sliema. In collaboration with the Sliema Local Council, EnKor once again held an open-air summer concert at the magnificent Independence Garden, Sliema. To an enthusiastic audience of hundreds of people, the choir and its extended band gave a radiant show. Open up my heart, EnKor in action. Besides the new EnKor originals, also Sweet and Low, the popular Because We Believe and the energetic Go like Elijah were launched. A large audience on the promenade overlooking the Independence Garden also enjoyed the concert.


July 15, 2006
    TV performance during the charity marathon Ohloq Tbissima. Live TV performance. During the show, people phoned in and donated money to charity, mainly to the missions in Peru, the Philippines and Pakistan, and also to St. Joseph's Home in St. Venera from where the whole marathon was aired. During this performance EnKor was also accompanied by two guest musicians, Sandro Grech (drums) and Ossie Agius (bass guitar). The show was sparkling and lively but also touching, as always expected from EnKor.


August 12, 2006
    Attard village festa of Santa Marija. At the Auditorium Centru Parrokkjali Gwann Pawlu II in Attard, EnKor performed on the occasion of the village festa of Santa Marija. The auditorium was packed. EnKor performed a selection of its popular gospel repertoire. When EnKor had finished its program the enthusiastic audience asked for more. Of course EnKor was happy to do so. The Auditorium in Attard.



September 30, 2006
    Mass at the Balluta church, Sliema. EnKor sang a mixture of classical repertoire and ballads. The atmosphere was wonderful!

November 11, 2006
    Malta International Choir Festival. EnKor was asked to participate as a guest choir in this event by giving an open-air concert in Freedom Square, Valletta. The performance attracted a large audience who enjoyed participating by clapping and singing along during the lively gospels.

November 18, 2006
    Gospel mass at the Balzan Parish Church. The request was for a swinging gospel mass and EnKor managed to grant it! An enthusiastic congregation joined in during songs like Amen and Oh happy day.

December 3, 2006
    Wedding at the Attard Parish Church. This wedding was very special, because in front of the altar saying "I do" were two of EnKor's members. EnKor always sings from the heart, but especially in this case. The congregation was enthusiastic and enjoyed the lively and cheerful atmosphere, while the ballads provided a touching effect. Fleur and Sergio, EnKor in the background.



December 7, 2006
    Christmas concert. This yearly concert was once again organized on the same date and at the same venue as the two previous years, by the the Rotary Club La Valette Malta in aid of the Embellishment of the Santa Margherita Lines, Birgu. The enthusiastic response was overwhelming. The performance was recorded by local TV Channel 22 and aired on Christmas Day. EnKor at the Salesian Theatre.


December 17, 2006
    TV recordings at the studio at Santa Venera. Several recordings of our Christmas repertoire were made, and then were broadcast on different dates during the Christmas period.

December 19, 2006
    TV recording at Super 1 studio in Marsa. Recordings of our Christmas and gospel repertoire were made, and then were aired in the first week of January 2007.