Johanna van Lent-Singels
    Johanna van Lent-Singels studied German and Musicology at University in the Netherlands. She moved to Malta in August 2001.

    After conducting choirs in the Netherlands for 28 years Johanna missed the musical challenge and the sharing of musical passion and knowledge with other singers and musicians. In 2002 Johanna started a new choir in Malta: EnKor!

    "I'm very enthusiastic about the many talented people within EnKor. Together we experience the special, uplifting effect of music and we really enjoy sharing this feeling with the audience."

    During rehearsals Johanna works with the choir on breath and voice techniques. The dynamics and interpretation of the musical pieces are most important to her - "Don't sing or play only the notes, they are just a tool, you have to go deeper and perform the essence of the music!"

    Johanna also appreciates the fruitful contacts she has with her Dutch musical friends. Henk van der Sanden, a professional pianist, conductor and soundman who is always ready to discuss musical ideas regarding choir matters like repertoire and sound. Kees Doevendans, examiner of Conducting at the Conservatory in Tilburg (NL) came to Malta in 2003 and 2005 to give special sessions to EnKor.


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