Singers and musicians, who are interested in EnKor and who would like to take part, can make an appointment for an audition. Good male singers are very welcome. Interested singers or musicians may contact Johanna van Lent by e-mail: or by telephone: 21 372147 to enquire about an audition. Those interested will be asked to fill in an audition form which can be sent via e-mail beforehand.

The audition normally takes 20 to 30 minutes and is structured as follows:
    •  A short introduction and talk about the audition form.
    •  Short warming up: some simple intervals (broken chords), accompanied by the piano, climbing a semitone upwards.
    •  Some small exercises to assess sight-reading abilities. Please note, that this skill is not a must, but provides an indication as to how far developed the technique is.
    •  Repeating note groups after hearing them on the piano.
    •  Clapping a played rhythm.
    •  Singing a chosen piece to a CD accompaniment.

    After an audition, a singer will be on trial for a short period, then after an evaluation he/she would be able to officially join EnKor.

    For an EnKorister a good voice and a pleasant personality are important. EnKor has very talented singers and musicians, real music lovers and there is mutual respect for each other. All are like equal members of a big warmhearted family. The atmosphere within the choir is important and pleasant, like being with old friends. There is time for jokes and time for being serious. Singing is of course important, but the social aspect counts too. Together this makes EnKor what it is: a special choir!


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